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Meet the Founder

Alexis Waddell

Alexis Waddell is a native Chicagoan raised in East Garfield Park neighborhood. Since 2010, she has been working in the mission of Love of Learning Institute. 


Her service as a community leader helped the neighborhood block club create engaging events for the families and children. She also formed the youth group: Anointed Beauties of Zion to teach the healing power of dance and led young children in praise dance performances, hosted monthly outings and yearly trips. However, her time volunteering within home daycares were the most impactful on her heart's mission that has developed as Love of Learning Institute. 

Alexis Waddell, is a business professional, with an eye for detail. She takes her time and reviews essential areas of business needs to create plans for success. Alexis has tracked this skill, in herself, since she was very young, channeling it to support others since a very young age.  Awareness of these skills helped “spark” the connection of how her natural skills have served her growth personally and professionally. While engaging with young children, she often takes an observational approach to find the “spark” within them. Knowing how much her awareness of her innate abilities propelled her, she yearns to create the same awareness for children and the parents of the child. 


Alexis Waddell obtained her Master’s of Arts with a focus on Organization Leadership from North Central College in Naperville, IL. Over the past 10 years she has worked in data analytics under multiple roles and most recently as a Business Analyst. Her professional skills have provided her a different perspective on Early Childhood Education and brings forth ideas for programs to provide support for those ages 0-5.

With that, she organized Love of Learning Institute with a passion for partnerships. As the Executive Director of Love of Learning Institute, she is committed to establishing long term partnerships to empower, educate  and encourage children 0-5, and their parents, as they partake in new and vibrant experiences that might be the spark that will carry and motivate them throughout their development journey.

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